The Spend It Widely Guide on How to Earn Free Money

Want free money? Good. I am a Prince and good friend mine person family just got inherited $100,000,000 and you can have half, all you need is… Wait. Sorry. Wrong article. This article is about actual free money,  how to get it, and why it isn’t actually always too good to be true. Also, to keep things light hearted – let’s see how many different words I can find to describe cash.

Important note – this isn’t going to be a guide about how to scrimp and save by doing fantastically boring things like switching your current account to get 0.75% instead of 0.65% interest on your dough, or stockpiling 3 for 2s to sell in the Brexit apocalypse. If you’ve listened to our Podcast (which you definitely should because, totally impartially, it’s awesome) then you’ll know we’re not about that. We’re about doing easy things that make life more fun. Nothing here is laborious or boring, everything here we would, or do, do ourselves. Read, learn, earn some free dinero and Spent It Widely.

How to earn free money (for realsies):

  1. Cashback – we bang on about this relatively often, and for good reason. It is literally the easiest way in the world to get free cash. Shop online just like you would usually, but before buying, simply sign into Quidco / TopCashBack and click through to the shop. I have earned well over £1,000 in two years from doing this and Vix has earned even more. To quote the meme, y tho?  Shops online and on the high street want your business; cashback works by taking money they’re willing to spend on advertising and giving it back to you. With cashback offered on everything from supermarket essentials to holidays and financial products, it’s another way to boost that your splash budget.
  2. Open Table – eat out at places? Good, don’t we all? Now do yourself a favour and start booking through OpenTable. Every time you dine you get points. Get enough points (which isn’t hard) and you can swap these for vouchers.
  3. Collect Airmiles – a pet rant of mine. Getting on a plane sometime in the rest of your life? Lucky you. As long as it’s not low cost then you should bloody well be collecting the frikking airmiles. Don’t know how? Not an excuse – you can find out with our beginners guide to collecting
  4. Use a points of cashback credit card – I’m deliberately going to avoid giving advice here. Let’s just say that I put all of my spend through credit cards that earn me points or cashback. Google it. I’ve earned enough this year for two free trips to New York – and an upgrade to business on a recent flight from Las Vegas (This was controversial. Why? Listen to episode 4 for the story).
  5. Your old Phone(s) – yes, hello, who is it? PPI? No thanks. We’ve all got a phone. Sometimes we get a new one. Most of us get a new one every two years. Watchya doing with your old one? Nothing? Rookie error, would you leave your old car on the drive? Sell / recycle it online and literally get free casheesh. How much you say? Well – if you’re upgrading to a new iPhone X from an iPhone 7 Compare My Mobile will get you £270 for your 7. Not bad. But the prices depreciate; yes, there is that car metaphor again. Just like you lose value driving it off the forecourt, your old phone loses dollar as months and years go by so don’t procrastinate.

Side bar – I am say in a hotel lounge, lovely and quiet, with ten people reading. An American has just answered his phone and immediately PUT IT ON SPEAKER. Why America Why?!

Sorry, back with you now.

As promised, simple things to get free wonga (do not use aforementioned site, they are insanely expensive and loan is not free money! ) There are also a load of things you can to save money / get more from the money you’ll spend like getting free hotel upgrades, enjoying free/cheap cinemamaxing out your wedding, and much, much more. Want more? Good. Keep reading. It’s what Spend It Widely is here for!

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