The Spend It Widely Shop Small Pub Crawl

So it’s that time of year again – Amex is running their shop small promotion. For those of you that don’t know what this is, prepare to have your world rocked – in thousands of shops, pubs and restaurants across the UK, Amex will give you a fiver if you spend a tenner. It’s that simple! As a result, here at Spend It Widely, we wanted to come up with a way to max the hell of out of this offer and have some fun on the way, the result….the Spend It Widely Shop Small Pub Crawl!
The idea, you find a mate and we’ll take you on a pub crawl to some awesome bars and pubs where you can get two drinks for around a tenner, and score your fiver back thanks to Amex. Five bars means ten drinks – five each – and all for just over £12 each!

London – Shoreditch

Kick off your crawl right at the top of Shoreditch, having got off the tube at Liverpool Street and go to one of the best hidden gem bars in London – The Crown and Shuttle . Here you’ll find amazing music, a bar snacks menu full of indulgence (truffle fries anyone?) and a massive secret garden that is a suntrap in summer and a cosy hideout in winter, complete with industrial level patio heaters. When done head over to the Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen for drink number two to the soundtrack of live music. Next up, it’s time to head to Shoreditch high street and a little taste of Brazillian flavour, Barrio East – the decor is an instagram dream, and they do some fantastic BOGOF cocktails to make that AMEX credit go a little further. Fancy another bar? Good news, next stop is The Book Club and it’s just down the road. Finally, if you know Shoreditch, you know that no night is complete without hitting up the Hoxton Pony – which makes up the final stop on the Shoreditch Shop Small Pub Crawl.
Ten drinks for the two of you at some of the quirkiest drinking holes in Shoreditch for barely £25 all in. That’s doing Shoreditch the Spend It Widely Way! By now, you’re probably well on your way to having-a-good-night’sville, so no need to stop there. Crack on and explore, and don’t forget to tweet us and tell us about it on @spenditwidely

London – Covent Garden

First stop for the Covent Garden Shop Small Pub Crawl is Cafe Pacfico, and you’re going to love it. Good margarita, Mexican beer and latin beats. What’s not to love?! When (and if) you’re ready for bar two, head towards Leicester square to the Covent Garden cocktail club. We warn you, it’s not the largest of venues, but the drinks are goooood. You may want to stay for a few, but if you’re keen for the next venue then we’re only popping next door. Bar three is Salvador and Amanda where it feels like the staircase is half the size of the venue but, when you’ve descended, you’re guaranteed a fun time. More sangria? Yes please!
Next stop? Why it’s the Cork and Bottle and wine bar. Dominic absolutely loves this place, it’s a wine lovers dream. If and when you’re ready for a change of scene then the final bar is a minutes walk behind the Hippo (it’s a casino people). You’re heading to Ku Bar for the last drink of the crawl and a hefty dose of Disco.
That’s your lot folks. The good news it there are dozens of chinese places right next door to soak up some of that drinky good time. Five bars, central London, and thanks to the Spend It Widely Shop Small Pub Crawl you haven’t even spent three tenners!


Ready? Set? Go to your first pub – The Boardroom and dive on in with whatever you fancy. The boardroom has a pretty decent wine selection so everyone should be happy kicking off here. Next up is a personal favourite of Dominic’s – Kongs. No one ever has a bad time at Kongs!
When you’re ready to move on, head on over past the fountains towards College Green for stop number three at Smoke and Mirror. For stop four on our crawl bounce on over (ok, I say ‘bounce on over’ I mean ‘walk up the hill’) to Wee’s lounge bar. Ready for another drink? Good news, the final stop on the Bristol shop small pub crawl is The Woods bar and it’s just across the way. Five fun time bars in Bristol town, a solid ten drinks for the two of you (or more, we’re not judging, we’re not your parents), all for just over £25. You’re welcome.


Time for a pint of two in Manchester the Spend It Widely way. We’re kicking things off at The Terrace on Thomas Street. Hopefully it’s a nice evening so you can sit outside and enjoy the beer garden. When you’re ready to move on, head on round to Montpelliers cafe and bar where the food is good and the cocktails are better. Fress cafe is the next stop. Fress is famous for their brunch so, if it’s the right time of day (who are you doing a pub crawl during the afternoon!!) then worth checking the food menu.
Shaking things up at bar number four, is the ping pong on offer at Twenty Twenty Two. Pick up the paddles and battle it out over drink number four. When you’ve declared victory, take your drinking companion over to the final stop on the Spend It Widely Shop Small Pub Crawl at Tariff and Dale. Enjoy a craft beer or cocktail and check out the sourdough pizza. Done and done. Five drinks each, five bars, all for just over a tenner each!


Hola Brum. Let’s kick off this crawl. First stop, Bodega Bar and Cantina Bennetts hill. Grab yourself a mojito, pint or whatever you fancy. You deserve it! For stop two, head on around the corner to Sun on the Hill, for the chilled pub vibe and live music. When you’re ready to bounce, it’s a five minute walk to help up work up your thirst as you scootch on over to The Gin Vault. Don’t worry, you’re walk will be rewarded with one of the best gin and tonics in town! Just across the way you’ll find stop four, and a wide selection of craft ales at The Tap and Spile, which is right on the canal. Noice.
By now, you’ll be wanting to know where you’re headed for the final stop on the Birmingham Spend It Widely Shop Small Pub Crawl. Wonder no longer, bar number five is the Bierkeller a few minutes up Broad Street. Bauvarian vibes and a huge beer selection will see you comfortably into the rest of your evening. Had fun drinking in some of Birmingham’s best bars for less than £30 for the two of you? Let us know!


Vix’s hometown. Where will she take you? Okay, so it’s not a bar, but start your tour in a little gem off Queen Street, with a glass of cold prosecco or a beer at Charity coffee shop, Big Moose. With all the proceeds going to charity, and the coffee house providing training to homeless people getting back on their feet, you can feel a warm glow of doing something good, as well as from the booze, and you will always get a big welcome – tell them Vix sent you. Next… love the film Coyote Ugly? Wish you could be in it? Well now you can. St Marys Street, the party centre, houses a Coyote Ugly show bar where you can get beer, fries and dance on the bar to some classic rock, just don’t ask for water… Fancy a cocktail? Just a few minutes round the corner you will find yourself on Mill Lane, epicentre of the late nighties cool Cymru, and head to Mocka Lounge. Atmospheric and moody, it’s a break from the bustle of the town centre and their bar snacks are a cut above.
Ready for a craft beer? You’re in luck, as Cardiff has become a hot spot for microbrewers and specialities and Zero Degrees brews some onsite. You can also get a woodfired pizzs to keep you going. And finally, you dancing? We’re asking. Head back to Soda Bar on Mill Lane for a big night club finish.

We’re always on the look out for recommendations and would love to make the Spend it Widely Pub Crawl for your hometown – just hit us up on Twitter.

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  • The Shop Small offer is available to American Express cardholders in the UK and must be activated as an offer on your card

  • Spend It Widely has no affiliation to American Express and does not endorse getting an AMEX card if you do not have one already, taking out credit is a very personal choice and there is professional expert help available if you don’t know what option is for you – our blog is not a substitute for that

  • Whilst we’ve made every effort to ensure accuracy of data, we cannot guarantee any details of the Shop Small Pub Crawl campaign (e.g. businesses taking part)

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