Cheap or Free lunch

Lunch. Heard of it? I have and I would recommend, I really would. The trouble is, when you’re doing the nine-to-five thing, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut of a quick average sandwich al desco. This isn’t fun for anyone. Want to grab a bite of something fun with a colleague and max your spend? Want to add a bit of spice to your lunch hour? Want me to stop asking questions? Well good news, here are my top tips for getting some nice bites the Spend It Widely way and how to do get a cheap or free lunch.

Spend It Widely top tips for a cheap or free lunch:

  • Phone it in – Most networks (e.g. O2, 3) now have dedicated deals apps that often offer some stonkingly good lunch deals, yet it always amazed me how few people know about this. I’ve literally just checked the Wuntu app from 3 and O2 Prioritiy apps for today and they’re offering: Any main meal from Pizza express for a fiver, 50% off mains at Zizzi and a £1 lunch at Cafe Rouge. These are definitely worth checking out
  • Vouchercloud (and other apps) – It’s not just mobile customers that can benefit from discounts the app way. Vouchercloud’s (Android and iphone) and Wriggle (Android and iPhone) are two of my favourites and can score you some stonkingly good discounts
  • Tastecard / Gourmet societyOk, this is hardly a secret, but it’s still a great way to get a good lunch discount. Two for one pizza / pasta / salad or 50% off at many restaurants means it’s easily possible to sort a good meal with a colleague for not much more than a fiver each
  • Loyalty cards – ok, so this requires a bit of loyalty but a lot of high street chains to cards offering discounts or free food. It won’t be every meal is discounted but who doesn’t want a free Sushi box every tenth time from Yo!?
  • Voucher code sites – Whilst this can lead to a lot of search disappointment (come on voucher code sites, stop listing brands you never have deals with) you can still get a solid 25/50% at a load of places using these sites so it’s worth a goosey gander



Got any other tips on how to get lunch for cheap or Free? Well don’t just keep them to yourself, get in touch and let us know and we’ll get them added to above.


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