Vix 4 Cineworld – True love 4ever

So I’ve already talked about marriage, but my second strongest and longest commitment has actually been to my Cineworld Unlimited Card.

I took it out in my first year of university, when it was £9.99, I pretended that it was because I was studying films on my media degree but it was actually an excuse to see films like Love Actually until my eyes bled. Whilst I’m loathe to reveal my age in the hope I look like a hot, young millennial, in the 16 years I’ve had it (*WEEP*) It’s surprisingly only crept up to £17.90 despite the fact that individual tickets have skyrocketed from the £3 NUS cheapy Tuesday deal to up to £15.20 to see the latest release in 3D.

In times of austerity over the last sixteen years, it’s the one direct debit my cursor has never hovered over, that and my commitment to giving a dog a ‘safe place’ for a small sum a month, and it has proven to be fantastic value. In the first year it’s unlimited standard films a-go-go, as well as 10% off food and drink, but after a year you get updated to Premium, which gives you 25% off food and drink – almost making it as cheap as sneaking in your own stuff –  plus Unlimited then applies to the 3Ds. Depending on how your town centre rolls, the card – which is valid in Cineworlds across the whole of the UK – also gets you 25% off some generic, nice chain restaurants, including Las Iguanas and La Tasca.

It’s the closest to a free night out you can get and the more you use it, the better value it becomes. With cinema prices the way they are, you only need to see one and a bit films a month to make it work for you and, magically, it also works as the paying ticket if you have access to Meerkat movies, so you can treat a friend, or a date, or a person in the queue behind you that needs something nice to happen to them that day.

In my time as a member I’ve done everything from three-film cinema days (with optional smuggled in contraband gin in a tin – for Man UpPitch Perfect 2 and Mad Max: Fury Road, if you’re asking) to seeing a Sunday Morning children’s films on weekends away when we checked out and had nowhere to go that didn’t cost money. Another cheeky little benefit in these ludicrously roasting heatwave times, go and have a 90 minute nap in the blissful aircon. I’ve also subscribed my Dad, who goes so often that I’m starting to wonder at what point they flag fair usage… I am very definitely my father’s daughter.

It also means you can see movies you wouldn’t fork out full ticket price for – uncovering hidden gems and unashamedly see the same film over and over. Cineworld, I love you.

You can find out more here: This is not in any way sponsored, I just fucking love it.


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