How to find cheap flights

Looking to book a flight somewhere fun? Of course you are, it’s 2018, who isn’t?! Looking for flights to an awesome destination without spending a fortune? Well hopefully we can help with that. Here are my top tips on how to find cheap flights without breaking a sweat.

Top tips to find cheap flights:

  1. Start looking early – as soon as you have an inkling you are going somewhere, then start looking for flights. This really will help with all of the below tips and get you the best value. If you didn’t, and you’re flying tomorrow then: (1) have an awesome time, send me a postcard and (2) don’t worry, read on and hopefully we can help.
  2. Be flexible with dates – Peak times can be very expensive. This is something most parents will know by the painful inability to fly during term time. It’s simple supply and demand (check me and my Economics 101 out), the more people want to fly, the higher the prices are. As a result, the more flexible with dates you are, the better the prices are. If you are fully adulting and have kids in tow, then try the next tip.
  3. Be flexible with destination – There are 192 (or thereabouts) countries in the world, and thousands of cities, you don’t have to go to the same place each year.
  4. Collect airmiles – airmiles are airline currency, you can use them to get free flights around the world (Check out our beginners guide on how to collect airmiles). What’s more, even if you don’t have enough airmiles to pay for the cost of a flight outright, most airlines will allow you to use miles to part pay for a flight thereby reducing the cash cost. It’s really worth collecting points from everything you can all year round as they can make a massive dent in the cost of your flight.
  5. Compare – look, if you don’t know what comparison sites are then you really are beyond help. If you do, but aren’t using them to find flights then why the hell not!? Skyscanner, Kyak and Momondo (my personal fave) should be your first port of call to find flights.
  6. Don’t book direct – Airlines release seats at a wholesale price to travel agents, which means you can get cheaper flights by booking indirect a lot of the time. Tip five will help with finding the best online travel agent deals. If you’ve never heard of the company, just check they are IATA / ABTA rated (bottom of the site) and do a quick google for reviews to be sure.
  7. Keep an eye out for sales – airlines do sales. Not a surprise. These are often pretty good. Surprise. It’s really worth keeping an eye out for the sales. These are often around January, over summer and (increasingly) over Black Friday. Have your credit card ready and when you spot a good deal – snap it up. You don’t have to book hotel and flights at once and getting a bargainous air ticket will help you have more to spend on lux accommodation #highlife #yeababy #doesanyoneusehashtagsanymore
  8. Fly secretly – there are several sites out there that only publish insanely cheap sale price and error fares (where the airline has made a pricing mistake – wouldn’t you hate to be that guy). Check out Holiday Pirates and Secret Flying

The above tips are all tried and tested and I use these regularly when booking tickets. We’d love to hear your experiences using this or whether you’ve got any of your own to share so get in touch.

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